Panic Attack/Anxiety Attack Help


Ok so some of the best tactics that I’ve learned are:

1. Rectangle Breathing: Find a rectangle object somewhere around you. (doorway, window, computer screen, etc.) Trace your eyes slowly around it. When tracing the short side inhale, and while tracing the long side exhale. This is good because…

these kind of seem like compulsions to me?

Next Steps and Larger Sizes For Abercrombie & Fitch I IGIGI Blog I Life After the Mike Jeffries Scandal

oh no, sorry abercrombie and fitch you thought i actually wanted to wear your ugly clothes? thats awkward

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men dislike skinny jeans because they ‘want something left to their imaginations’

women retreat into the earth to form a shining utopian society, never to be seen again

men wander the surface alone, left only with their imaginations

like wut do they want left to their imagination tho, my ankle shape? idgi

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if anyone wants a $10 credit on luvocracy (you can search on there for basically anything, i used mine on lush. shipping is $5 so you can buy something for $5 and the credit makes it free) message me your email!

Help Majesstica get to the Prairies!





I know many of you may roll your eyes at another go fund me campaign, but I think that it is actually a very powerful way for us to help out community members and put money into people and projects that we believe in! It is also cool to see how possible it is to do things like this with the help of community! So like, take yr eye rolls and class shame elsewhere, we have things to get done! 

Here is the deal!

The Luxery-Legay’s are working-class lovers, performers and artists who are passionate about blush, body politics, social transformation and loving communication. They met on Tumblr in 2010 and in 2011, Jessica moved to Victoria B.C. so that they could make their hot n heavy internet romance a reality. They are currently still waiting for immigration to accept Fleetwood as an acceptable sponsor and therefore Jessica is still unable to work. The past few years have been a lot of hard work for the pair and they are ready for a big move to Calgary, AB — which is a place where they can both make art, be around fatties and family and actualize their dreams while they continue to wait on immigration. 

Calgary is going to be a place where we can finally start our production company, and access a lot more funding and grants to do work that we find meaningful and that benefits our community. We are so excited about this big change! 


$800 will cover the cost of a UHAUL (and HOPEFULLY 1 tank of gas)! We will be driving on the highway in the brutes “Canadian” winter so send us a lot of love and woo. We promise to be safe! (Precious cargo - AMIRITE?!)

$700 will cover the partial cost of a damage/pet deposit! The Calgary housing market is HORRENDOUS with a less than 1% vacancy rate due to the flooding last year so this will allow us to secure a safe and happy home to land in! We have been SUPER unsuccessful so far. 


Like the break down says, your donations will get you things like super cute love letters from us (complete with kisses and cute accoutrements!) and also a NEVER BEFORE SEEN slutty FAT WITCH PULP photo (OR) photoset. Also new Heavy Petting episodes! Woo! 

We know that an individual $500 donation will allow us to re-release our popular and classic fisting 101 video -with a dedication but we also want to say that IF WE REACH OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL WE WILL RE-RELEASE THE FISTING 101 VIDEO, EVEN IF WE DON’T HAVE AN INDIVIDUAL DONATION OF $500! 

All of the love, promotion, good thoughts and dollar bills are so appreciated! Thank you for the love and continued support and encouragement! 

big fat hugs and kisses, 

Fleetsy (Majestic) and Jessica

Please? It’s my birthday?

Well but also I know I wouldn’t have this life if it weren’t for the support of Tumblr in me following my heart and clit to Canada and if it weren’t for people believing in the things I say and do (for the most part) and if it weren’t for my choice to love harder, fatter, stronger, and always more tender. 

It’s shit to try and save money to get out of the town you’re unable to save money in and we just need to get to Calgary where my boo has a couple fancy new jobs waiting for them! 

Even reblogs are appreciated <3 xo

We are 1/3 of the way there!!! Thanks to everyone who has helped support us. I am always blown away by the love and support- even the non monetary kinds. We love you all so much and are so excited to be making new videos for heavy petting!